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Brand new from Austrian Mint!(20 oz)

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Brand new from Austrian Mint! These all-new silver Philharmonic coins have an outstanding design. The philharmonics first debuted in 1989, and have since been an incredibly well-known bullion coin series. The 1 Oz silver philharmonic coins are now available for purchase. These coins come in tubes of 20 pieces.

About the 2022 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic coins are breathtaking coins, with an outstanding design. The Austrian Mint released the coins originally in 1989. The 2022 edition marks the 15th date in the Austrian Silver Philharmonic series. The coins were made in honour of the Vienna Philharmonic. The 2022 1 Oz Silver Philharmonic coins consist of 1 troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Throughout the years, there have been many changes in the sizes of the coins. The Philharmonic coins are also found in platinum and gold.

The reverse face of the coin showcases the iconic display of various musical instruments. The musical instruments include a cello at the center, along with two violins on either side. Behind these instruments, a French horn, a bassoon, and a harp are found next to each other. The reverse face also displays the inscription “Wiener Philharmoniker” which is one of the finest orchestras in the world. Wiener Philharmoniker translates to the Vienna Philharmonic, thus the name of the coins. The Vienna Philharmonic was founded in 1842. The various musical instruments found on the reverse face are the instruments favoured by the members of this orchestra.

The obverse face of the coins displays an effigy of the pipe organ found in the Musikverein. The Musikverein is a breathtaking sight in the capital city of Austria. In relation to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Musikverein is the venue where they perform. The Musikverein is also known as the Golden Concert Hall. Aside from the pipe organs of Musikverein, the obverse face also showcases inscriptions. The face value, 1,50 Euros, and the year, 2022 are displayed on this face. The inscriptions “Republik Osterreich 1 Unze Feinsilber” are also found on this face. The German phrase translates to “The Republic of Austria, 1 Ounce Fine Silver”.