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The 2022 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand (25 oz)

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Order the brand new 1 oz Silver Krugerrand 2022 coin tubes today here at AU Bullion! We offer the lowest premiums on our outstanding selection of precious metals. These incredible 1 oz Silver coins are now available for purchases in tubes of 25.

About the 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand 2022

The 2022 1 Oz Silver Krugerrand is the newest edition of the krugerrand coin series. The coins are minted and guaranteed by the South African Mint. The 1 Oz silver coins are made of .999 fine silver. The reverse face of the coin displays the iconic effigy of South Africa’s National animal. Along with the antelope, the year of minting, the face value, and the silver weight is displayed. The effigy of the Springbok Antelope is found in the centre of the reverse face. Additionally, the word “Krugerrand” as well as the number 2022, signifying the year are both found around the design. Just below the Springbok Antelope, the words “Fynsilver 1 oz Fine Silver R1” can be found, signifying the purity of the coin.

The obverse face of the coin showcases the final president of the former South African Republic, Paul Kruger. Within the decorative frame on the obverse face, South Africa is written in Afrikaans and in English. The words read “Suid Afrika, South Africa”.

The South African Mint is a well-known mint, famous for minting all coins of the South African rand. They’re best known for their coins, including the Krugerrand coins. The coin also includes some of the newest security features, including reeded edge variation. These coins are incredible additions to your investment portfolios.